Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson

Microsoft - Corporate VP of Security, Compliance & Identity (SCI) Business Development

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As Corporate Vice President of Security, Compliance & Identity (SCI) Business Development, Ann Johnson oversees the long-term investment and partnership strategies for security, compliance, and identity for one of the largest tech companies on our planet. Driving the evolution and implementation of Microsoft’s short and long-term security investment and strategic partner roadmap, she has become a recognized thought leader on cybersecurity and a sought-after global speaker and digital author specializing in cyber resilience, online fraud, cyberattacks, compliance and mobile security. From the way the tech industry is tackling cyber threats to the language it uses to communicate, Ann is challenging traditional schools of thought - traditional cyber-norms - and encouraging the industry to get outside its comfort zones and expand how we address the evolving threat landscape by combining technology and the power of people. As a global cybersecurity influencer and strategist who regularly engages with C-level decision makers, she is looking past the pandemic at how today’s cybersecurity investments will impact tomorrow’s cybersecurity reality. Dedicated to giving back to her community, Ann currently serves on the boards and as a board advisor of the Security Advisor Alliance, the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), Executive Women’s Forum, HYPR (a biometric security firm) as well as the Executive Sponsor of the Microsoft Women in Security Group and co-executive sponsor of Microsoft GLEAM. In addition, she dedicates her philanthropy - in terms of time and fundraising - to animal and youth causes.